Trailer Lighting Requirements

When you’re out pulling your trailer on the road, safety must come first. One important component of towing safety is visibility – making sure other drivers can see your trailer clearly. And lighting plays a big role in visibility. So, whether you’re replacing a single light bulb or lens cover, or you’re adding a complete set of lights to a homemade trailer, you need to get the right part for the job.

About the lights, they also have requirements. They should comply with the US government’s lighting requirements for trailers. Based on standards developed by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has developed requirements for vehicle lights. The set of regulations that applies to vehicle lighting is known as FMVSS 108, and it includes lighting requirements for trailers. These regulations define how many lights a trailer must have, where the lights should be located, what performance standards the lights must meet, and how manufacturers must label lighting components.

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Please check the below:

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101001                                                              101001E                                                                        101001W                 

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               101002                                                               101002E                                                                          101002W


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                101506                                                                101018                                                                              101018C

Post time: Dec-14-2020