New Arrival:Large Handle Hitch Pin

Hitch pins are widely applied in towing, they connect two mating components and stay in position on one end. These pins have a non-removable bend or handle to prevent removal from the other side.

A hitch pin is a small metal rod that keeps a ball mount shank and other trailer hitch parts from sliding out of a hitch receiver tube.


Different from traditional ‘L’ shape, our new hitch pin is with a large handle and straight body.

There are 2 types,one is attached strong magnet,no clip included;the other is attached a clip,no magnet.

Magnet hitch pins have 4 SKU:

10305    Black,5/8 inch

10305A   Orange,5/8’’

10305B   Black,1/2’’

10305C   Orange,1/2’’

tractor pin magnetic hitch pin

Hitch Pins with clips have 2 SKU:

10305D   Black,5/8’’

10305E   Black,1/2’’

hitch pin 

Our magnetic mower hitch pin is made of strong steel, soft rubber and powder coating, can be used in all-weather conditions. For towing lawn rollers, dump carts, lawn sweepers, spreaders and dethatchers, can also be used to locate.

You just use one hand for flexible trailer alignment and less time spent bending over in an uncomfortable positions, comfortable to hold and control.Very easy to install.

 Make your yard work easier and faster by using our zero turn magnetic hitch pin to attach carts, trailers and other attachments to your lawn mower, ATV or tractor.



Post time: Jan-12-2022