State Laws Allow Double Towing?

If you drive a full-size pickup, you may be going to tow something behind it one day. You will probably think one item, like a boat or an RV, but most states will allow you to tow two things behind your truck.

However, trailer-towing laws are inconsistent from state to state. The maximum length of a captive convoy ranges from 65 feet in Arizona and California to 99 feet in Mississippi. For driver’s license, which may require a special commercial one (California) or taking a test.

Terminology is inconsistent, too. Some states call it double towing, while others regard it as triple towing. In general, every state along the Atlantic bans double towing except for Maryland. Hawaii, Washington and Oregon also make it illegal to double towing.

Best advice: If you’re going to double tow across state lines, call or check DMV websites ahead of time so you don’t find yourself paying a ticket and making two trips to get your trailers to their final destination.


Post time: Oct-12-2020