Waterproof Magnetic Towing Light Kits

According to the law, the towed vehicle must be equipped with brake lights and signal lights with certain functions, and the brake lights and signal lights needed on the towed Motorhome or RV at the same time. These detachable tow lights make it easy to add running lights, brake lights, and turning signals to your towed vehicle.So a towing lights kit is a worthy investment in the long run for your daily usage.

Simply install lights in the trunk or roof of your vehicle with a heavy-duty magnetic base. Wire distance between lights is 7ft,which gives you enough slack to put the lamp where you want. Then run the 20ft harness to the front of the trailer, through the tow bar, and connect it to the 4-way flat of the RV.

The waterproof structure of this lamp makes it very suitable for trailers that may be submerged, just like a boat trailer. The housing and lens are ultrasonically sealed together to form a single unit, which means that water cannot enter light and damage diodes or circuit boards.

This is the LED Magnetic Towing Light

HTB1logcFb5YBuNjSspoq6zeNFXaa12V-Led-Trailer-Tail-Light-Magnetic-Towing       magnetic towing light

This is the Bulb Magnetic Towing Light

magnetic towing light             magnetic towing light

Post time: Aug-09-2021